Summer Art Must See at Museum of Fine Art Boston!

If you are looking for inspiration there is truly a stellar line up at the Museum of Fine Art Boston.  Don't miss Klimt & Schiele: Drawn, M. C. Escher: Infinite Dimensions (both ending May 28, 2018), and Mark Rothko: Reflection (ends September 3, 2018).

Here are my thoughts: 

Klimt & Schiele: Drawn is exceptional. The comparison and contrasts between the artists and their work are stunning not only when studying the techniques used but the compositions, and the subject matter they chose is so moving.  

M. C. Escher: Infinite Dimensions is another incredible show that really outlines the evolution of the artist's work as well as shows the process he used for building these iconic pieces.  

Check the museum website for more information:

Mark Rothko: Reflection was another example of an artist who revolutionized the art world.  These pieces can not be appreciated in a book since the beautiful layers of color and texture reveal themselves when you see them in person.