About Me

Growing up in a small North Carolina town, I spent my childhood exploring and studying nature. Time spent closely noting how light changes color, the lines of a curved branch, the texture of the earth, the beauty of the landscape...all proved valuable throughout my career.  I was particularly facinated with pattern, color, and texture and I would draw for hours before bedtime but I never really thought of myself as "talented".

That all changed thanks to an extra credit "french culture" project my senior year of high school in which I was tasked to attempt an impressionistic painting.  My french teacher noticed something in me and encouraged to start painting immediately.  Much to my surprise, my first painting won a state competition and went to nationals in NYC which gave me the confidence to persue Art & Design in college.

The relationship between color, pattern, and texture became the foundation for my career as a textile designer and eventually leading several notable creative teams within the world of decorative fabrics. My work has taken me all over the world sourcing furniture/home products, developing creative strategies, and designing textiles/soft goods. This travel revitalized my desire to paint and draw again as well as refined my eye for unique products. With art, I continue to try different techniques, mediums, and subject matter to push my hand and challenge my creativity outside of the office. I'm on a constant quest for inspiration and hope others my enjoy work as much as I love creating each piece.

While I love developing original art, I also love to collaborate, and happily accept the challenge brought by commission work as well.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact me at thecollectiveartdesign@gmail.com.