SOLD:  "Colliding Worlds" Original Mixed Media Painting

SOLD: "Colliding Worlds" Original Mixed Media Painting

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This original mixed media painting by textile designer and artist, Christy Almond, utilizes a variety of techniques to create this highly textured and moving piece depicting two worlds colliding into each other. Inspired by the collision of different opinions on issues surrounding the globe today, the artist envisions a more gentle coming together of ideas much like two cells fuse together.  

This piece has distinctively pronounced texture much like the topography of the earth as well as lifework and layers suggesting movement and matter. The piece is sealed for protecting the layers and texture and signed by the artist. It is sold unframed but painted on a standard size of 12" x 16" flat panel wrapped canvas. As a result, it can easily be framed in a variety of ways to meet your style preference.